Voice Games – Trivia Blast, Voice of the Day, and Yak Yak Quiz


Entertaining, educating and training the brain with Alexa

The Potential

We believe voice has the potential to encourage more social interaction and help combat loneliness and isolation.

Our Solution

We created a suite of voice trivia games designed to encourage families to get together to play and to help people who live alone and may be socially isolated.

Trivia Blast - a speedy quiz game that requires players to answer as many questions correctly in a row as they can. Get one answer wrong and it’s the end of the game.

Voice of the Day - a daily trivia challenge where players are required to listen to a voice clip of a well-known person and guess the name behind the voice.

Yak Yak Quiz - an interactive quiz where players can select the topic that they want to answer questions about. It’s a great one for the whole family to play together.

The Outcome

The voice games have been popular in providing players with entertainment and knowledge, with a daily dose of trivia recommended to help with brain-training.

Project details


Feb 2020

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