Royal Navy


Using Alexa, The Conversation Expert, to support recruitment to the Royal Navy.

The Business Challenge

The Royal Navy were looking for innovative ways to help drive recruitment. Joining the Royal Navy can be a daunting experience and potential applicants have several questions prior to joining up.

Our Solution

With The Royal Navy keen to start conversations with potential recruits and having stored banks of questions over the years, an Alexa Skill was the perfect solution. The skill could provide a quick, easy and innovative way to engage with their potential recruits and provide answers to the many questions they may have.

The Outcome

The Alexa skill provides a Q&A voice experience which is factual, welcoming and represents the Royal Navy. The experience ensures users get the answers they need to support their decision to complete their application. The skill demonstrates a great use case for other businesses who are looking to share information and start a conversation with potential customers, employees or other stakeholders.

Project details


Royal Navy


July 2021