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Creating the UK retail sector’s first V-Commerce skill.

The Business Challenge

Interflora wanted to better target customers who value speed and convenience and leverage their own passion and knowledge for flowers to create deeper customer engagement.

Our Solution

We developed an Alexa skill with Amazon Pay allowing customers to order and pay for flowers using only their voice, a genuine first for the UK’s retail sector. We introduced an Interflora voice assistant to guide customers through the purchase process. The voice commerce skill can make recommendations, provide advice and give interesting facts.

The Outcome

This skill has leveraged voice technology in a way that is about more than delivering functional benefits. It has added value to the customer experience, providing greater brand engagement and cementing Interflora’s position as market leader whilst future-proofing the brand in a first-to-market move.

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Dec 2019


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- Dec 2019

Featured on
- Dec 2019


You can try the Quicklinks 'Open skill' to open Interflora on your Alexa device.