Ground breaking APL Alexa Skill.

Pointless is one of the biggest TV gameshows in the UK. We saw the opportunity to allow fans to step into the shoes of a contestant, appealing to a wider audience of games and trivia fans by creating a unique, fun yet challenging voice-first experience inspired by a hit TV brand.

We worked with Endemol Shine to build Pointless app for Amazon Alexa. It brings to life the TV format asking players to find the ‘pointless’ answer to questions and uses authentic sounds from the show and the voices of the hosts. We created a free play and premium version of the game with additional features and content.

Since publication it has become one of the most popular and successful games on the Amazon Alexa Skills Store with a 4-star rating and over 6,000 reviews. The skill leverages voice technology to bring to life a much-loved TV experience in the home for gameshow fans and quiz show fans alike.

Project details


Pointless, BBC,
Remarkable TV,
Endemol Shine,
Alexander Armstrong, Richard Osman


Oct 2018


Featured at the Echo
Show product launch


You can try the Quicklinks 'Open skill' to open Pointless on your Alexa device.