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Expanding the reach of content through voice.

The Business Challenge

Fearne Cotton, is a well-known English television, radio personality and presenter of the Happy Place podcast. Fearne wanted her content to reach a wider audience and provide her existing followers with another medium through which to access her Happy Place Values.

Our Solution

We partnered with Fearne to develop Happy Place Meditations, an Amazon Alexa skill which brings users a variety of voice guided meditations. Whether users are new to meditation or seasoned practitioners, the voice experience is designed to alleviate stress, clear the mind and leave them feeling well-grounded and balanced.

The Outcome

The skill has expanded the reach of the Happy Place brand, its content and its ethos through voice. It has opened up meditation to a wider audience allowing them to pause, destress and relax away from distractions.

Project details


Fearne Cotton


March 2020


Featured on T3 and Fearne Cotton's official website - Mar 2020


You can try the Quicklinks 'Open skill' to open Happy Place Meditations on your Alexa device.