Vocala Announced As Beyond Voice Winners

We are thrilled to announce that Vocala are the winners of the Alexa Skills Challenge, Beyond Voice. There were 1,133 entries and Vocala was awarded the top prize of $20,000 for our new game, Voice Blast!

The Alexa Skills challenge invited skill builders, like Vocala, to create voice-first multimedia experiences that were immersive, entertaining and engaging using at least one of the following new technologies: APL, APL for Audio (beta), motion and sensing APIs, or the Alexa Web API for Games.

The new technologies, that were demonstrated in our submission, showcase how APL for audio and Web API enable the creation of rich visuals and the combination of Alexa speech with other audio to bring immersive experiences. We are thrilled that Voice Blast was successful in deploying these new features and was recognised by winning the challenge!

It’s important to recognise that Voice first doesn’t mean voice only. With increased sales of smart devices with screens in the home, more brands are looking to use these opportunities to engage with their customers. For example, users can now have a much richer experience by conversationally shopping whilst seeing the products they want to buy, choosing recipes whilst viewing the final concept as well as seeing brands that they recognise on screen.

See for yourself how Voice Blast gives a richer experience using the new technology available in Amazon Alexa watch the submission video and try the skill.